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Medical Supplies in India
Pharma in Chennai
Pharmaceutical in Chennai
Medical Supplies in India
Wellness in India
Pharma in Chennai
Pharmaceutical in Chennai
Physician In India
Wellness in India
Physician in India
MMC HEALTHCARE was founded in the year 1987 by the vision and dynamism of four young likeminded pharmaceutical professionals, who shared a common Alma matter viz. Madurai Medical College. MMC was started as a partnership Pharma company viz. Madras Medical Company, Chennai with a small seed capital of 2 lakhs and with financial assistance from Tamilnadu Investment Corporation.
From this small beginning this Pharma company now renamed as MMC HEALTHCARE LTD has grown to become a well established Chennai based public limited company with over 600 employees, bringing wellness to people’s health, providing medical supplies to physician , and other medical professional across India.
Medical Supplies in India
  • To become one among the best five pharma companies in the mind of the customer viz. Doctors, Stockist, Distributors and Chemists
  • 30% growth every year.
Pharmaceutical in Chennai
Honest and fair to all in all transactions.
Wellness in India
Wellness in India
MMC have many “INNOVATIVE – FIRSTS” to its credit.
VIVONEX The First Protein in Powder Form
SEPTIDASE FORTE India’s First Serratiopeptidase with Micro Catalysts
THERMONIL The First Dispersible Paracetamol Paediatric Tablet
HEMOCARE India’s First Haemoglobin in Powder Form
PILEUM First time in India an effective treatment for Hemorrhoids & Varicose veins
1987 MMC Healthcare Ltd started
1997 Converted as Public Limited Company
2004 Chennai Plant reconstructed
2005 Himachal Plant Started
2005 WHO – GMP Approved
2006 New training centre
2006 PILEUM launch
2007 New office
2007 ISO 9001: 2000 certified
2008 Exports
2008 COMBit launch
2009 ABLEto launch
2010 Cervispon launch
  AC Rub Launch
  Hemocare Kit Launch

Picolax Enema Launch

  Pileum Suppository Launch
2010 Argicare Plus launch
2011 Madhyapradesh Launch
2012 Uttarpradesh Launch
  Cystop Launch
  Folibrain Launch
2013 Cureperium
2014 Eb Mont group – Respiratory segment
  Enzo IPS
Wellness in India
Pharma in Chennai
Trade Mark
All MMC products have registered Brand Names conforming to the regulations of Trade Mark registration.
Patent registration
MMC has already submitted application for patency for the products PILEUM (Application no. 2644/CHE/2007) and COMBit (Application no. 2966/CHE/2009) with all the requisite details and awaiting the sanction of patency. For another product ABLEto the application for patency is to be submitted in the near future.
Wellness in India
Pharma in Chennai
Medical Supplies in India
Pharma in Chennai
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